One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

by Dale Wasserman, Ken Kesey

Holy Mothers (Die Präsidentinnen)

by Werner Schwab

A Good Death

by Shelley Hobbs

Critical Response

Director Elizabeth Saunders brings a delicate touch to the nuanced story and smartly leans on her excellent lighting (Jennifer Lennon) and sound (Steven Lafond) designers who use the scene transitions to flesh out the world of the play and make room in the short runtime for the beautiful silence and space in the actors’ performances. Ferencz and Schutt’s performances are two of the most compelling at this year’s Fringe...A Good Death is the unexpected gem of my Fringe experience thus far; an unforgettable personal story packed with universal emotion.

-My Entertainment World

If you want grotesque, better that it be in the hands of a master like Austrian playwright Werner Schwab, whose… Holy Mothers (Die Präsidentinnen), gets a boisterous treatment from director Elizabeth Saunders and her gutsy actresses.

-Globe and Mail


A Good Death was a strong show from start to finish. From the second the play began, I felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for the tension to subside.… The show was emotionally demanding, but the delivery made it worth [it].

-Mooney on Theatre


I was particularly impressed with the direction of Elizabeth Saunders, her first directorial effort. She’s a wonderful actress who is jumping in to directing.

-Slotkin Letter


"Liz [Elizabeth] Saunders brings a fierce intelligence - mental AND emotional to all her work. She creates a safe, fertile space for creativity to flourish. And she expertly balances a flexibility to new ideas and impulses with and a strong, sure vision in her direction." 

  - Astrid Van Wieren

"While working under the direction of Liz, I was simultaneously given permission to be totally outrageous and painstakingly detailed.  Her intellect, bundled with her curiosity about humanity as a whole, allows her to approach text in a holistic and utterly truthful way.  She sees the forest AND the trees, and crafts a play or a scene in a way that lets you move yourself around inside the story like a chess piece: the possibilities are endless but she will never let you fall off the board.  I was incredibly proud of the work I accomplished under her watch. I loved being directed by her."

 - Vickie Papavs

“I love working with Liz.  She has great insights into character and is rigorous with text.  It’s a collaborative process with Liz - I know my voice is being heard in the room.” 

 - Tracey Ferencz

“Elizabeth Saunders directed my drama “A Good Death” for its debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2016. She brought it to life with a detailed, nuanced approach that ensured that its essential themes were presented in a manner that literally brought tears to the eyes of the audience. I was overjoyed at what she accomplished with my work as she wove all the elements of script, sound, lighting, and transition together into a dynamic experience for all." ​

  - Shelley Hobbes