Whether you're preparing an audition, recording a self tape or simply looking to hone your skills, we can help.




One hour coaching is $60.00  (HST included).

A minimum booking of 30 minutes is required for $35.00 (HST included.)

Need more than an hour.  each additional 15 minute block is $15.00.

Coaching Packages. 

Book a package of coaching sessions and receive a discount. 


 5 session package  $270.00  (5 one hour sessions)

10 session package $510.00  (10 one hour sessions)

These packages can be used as individual audition prep sessions or as a series on one on one workshop sessions to hone your skills.


We offer a sliding rate for theatre audition prep based on financial need. Feel free to ask. Fee will be discretely adjusted on a case by case basis.

If you cant get to us, we can organize coaching through Skype.




Our Coaches


Liz and Cliff Saunders are a team who offer many years of professional experience onstage, on camera, in the classroom and behind the mic.

Elizabeth Saunders

Liz brings over 30 years of acting, directing and teaching experience to to the table. A much sought after, versatile actor, Liz holds a BFA in acting from the University of Alberta and an MA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Toronto. She has coached privately for over 10 years as well as being regular acting instructor at George Brown College's Theatre Program and Randolph College for the Performing Arts as well as leading workshops for such leading arts organizations as Shakespearience, Soulpepper and Young People's Theatre. 

Cliff Saunders

 Cliff brings years over 35 years of acting and teaching experience to the table​. One of Canada's foremost physical actors he is a graduate of George Brown College's Theatre Performance Program and has worked extensively in in film, television, and voice as well as in theatres throughout Canada and in the United States. Teaching credits include private coaching and teaching at Humber College, Randolph College for the Performing Arts, The Centre for Indigenous Theatre and Young People's Theatre. His specialty as a teacher is a focus on Physical theatre.

 What We Offer


We offer private acting coaching for beginners right to seasoned veterans: both for theatre and on camera work. We can help illuminate the dynamics of your work whether it be for

  • Audition prep.

  • self tapes 

  • Monologues

  • text work and script breakdown

  • Character Work

  • Theatre school audition prep.

As coaches we guide the actor through the process of laying a dynamic blueprint for performance. Helping you to integrate the inner life of your character and develop your through-line and trajectory. 

Helping the actor to:

  • Tap into and trust their intuition and impulses

  • develop confidence in their performance

  • Discover spontaneity within the form

  • Play the moment

  • Develop and reveal a complex inner life

  • Transform words into action

  • Find a clarity of meaning

  • Sustain presence

  • Define Objectives, obstacles, intention, actions

  • Differentiate between the objective and subjective.

  • Transform feedback into action


" Liz creates an environment that lets you feel safe to play. Before you know it you understand the character and the story, more than you ever thought possible. She is intuitive beyond measure, smart, witty and kind. The whole experience is the combination of productive and comfy. I could not recommend her more."

 - Laura Schutt.

" Liz is one of the most talented actors I know and her talents transfer over into her directing and coaching abilities. Her love, care, wit, and knowledge of the craft take over a rehearsal room, creating a space free of judgement and fear. During an acting student's education there is always one teacher/director that they truly connect with because of the unbreakable trust that they have in that person: one experience that honestly and beautifully impacts the students education and life. Liz Saunders was my person. She still is."

- Jake Deeth.

 " Liz is an excellent coach. She removes the barrier between the myself and the  character, which helps me connect to the role. Her insights into the nuances of the script and her attention to detail were more in depth than I've ever experienced. I came away with the confidence of knowing that I didn't have to "act", but to trust in myself. I came away a much better performer. "

- Dash Grundy

"I met Liz in my second year of theatre school and she was the first director I had who genuinely cared about my needs as an artist. She took the time to understand who I was and the way that would effect my character development. She is a compassionate artist and visionary who cares deeply about the people she is working with. I cannot thank her enough for her mentorship and the influence she has had on me as an actress and director

- Chelsea Woodard

 " Liz is truly one of my favourite actors of all time. I am thrilled to suggest her coaching sessions. She has the rare quality of compassion and artistry. I've seen my clients come away with a deeper focus, a stronger clarity and richer understanding of their relationship with the character. " 

Bella at The Bella Agency